Mummy and Baby Yoga Classes in Kingston upon Thames, Hampton Wick, Teddington

MuMu Mummy and Baby Yoga classes provide a safe and supportive environment where a new mum can reconnect with herself physically, mentally and emotionally while bonding with her baby during yoga practice. Babies love watching mummy move around and interact with them, and enjoy the part of the class where we sing nursery rhymes, chant the OM and stimulate baby with gentle yoga moves.

Mummy and baby yoga Kingston is a brilliant way to get back into your yoga and socially engage with other new mums, who are experiencing a similar range of emotions, from total joy and happiness to overwhelm and frustration. As yoga is naturally non-competitive, this is a safe place where worries you may have as a new mum can be shared without judgement.

You get to strengthen your back,pelvic floor and other important postural muscles, open your shoulders, which are likely to be tight from feeding and caring for baby, create overall ease in the body and nurture body, mind and soul.

Even if you are completely new to yoga, this postnatal Yoga course is a gentle way of getting introduced to this wonderful practice, strengthen pelvic floor and other core muscles and meet new friends along the way.

The course is designed for mums and babies from 6-8 weeks after straight forward delivery (12 weeks after Caesarean section) to approximately 6-8 months or until your baby is crawling. Please make sure to get the all clear from your GP or midwife and get in touch with me soon if you are thinking of joining with your baby,  to secure your place in time. I supply all equipment (mats, blocks, belts, blankets) but please kindly bring along baby’s own blanket or cushion for extra comfort, warmth and for hygienic reasons. The Hall is large enough to bring in prams, buggies or car seats.

MuMu Mum & Baby Yoga Kingston courses are usually fully booked, it is sometimes possible to join the class as a one off or half way through. Drop-in cost is £15. Please get in touch to enquire about availability in the current course or book your place on the next course.

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I attended Mum & Baby yoga with Muriel and both my baby and I loved the atmosphere, it was just the right balance of some much needed exercise and being able to relax & attend to my baby if needed. My babies are now 1 and 3 and I’ve started attending Muriel’s mixed ability class and workshops to give me some much needed ‘me time’! Muriel is a brilliant teacher and I am very grateful to have found Mumu Yoga as it continues to have such a positive impact on my life. Thank you so much Muriel!
Uli Nebel
I’ve enjoyed mum and baby yoga with my first son and I’m currently attending classes again with my 4 month old. Muriel is great with the babies, always friendly and amusing. She also imparts a great deal of inspiring insight into how our bodies and minds work and interact. From simply wanting to do something enjoyable and healthy with my baby I’ve found a way into yoga which I expect will continue to be part of my life in the future. I would (and regularly do) recommend Muriel to anyone interested in starting to practice yoga.
Alison Hollis

Practising Mum and Baby Yoga Kingston, Hampton Wick and TeddingtonBenefits for Mummy

  • promote healing after pregnancy and delivery
  • core stability with safe yoga exercises
  • toning and regaining strength in the pelvic floor and abdominal region
  • taking care of your spine and shoulders, gently stretching, toning and strengthening whilst taking care of your baby
  • learn how to do yoga with baby around and include baby
  • self nurture so you can relax and enjoy your baby more
  • meet other local mums with their babies

Benefits for Baby

  • deepening the bond with your baby through gentle stretching exercises
  • help to encourage baby’s developement and motor skills
  • baby loves the singing (nursery rhymes), humming, OMming and playful approach to yoga
  • mummy and baby are more relaxed and happier after a yoga session
  • Calming effect of my voice on baby, especially if the mum has attended pregnancy yoga with me. Babies recognise my voice and love the OMs.

Sessions are really relaxed, so no worries if things don’t go to ‘plan’ and your baby sleeps all the way through the session (more time for you), needs feeding (relax and listen) or is agitated. I have plenty of experience with babies having had two myself.

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7 sessions course / £91

Any missed sessions from the mum and baby yoga 7 week course don’t carry over, meaning classes can’t be repeated in the next course. If you miss a class you will be able to come to any of the mixed ability classes (without your baby) in that same week instead.

Once a course has been purchased and I have reserved your place, refund cannot be given unless there are special circumstances.

It is possible to join the course at any point, provided there is space, drop-in sessions are £15.

Payment Details

You may pay via PayPal using the below button. Note that this method includes a small PayPal charge.

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer (no additional charge), please contact me and I will send you the details.

Pass of 7 Classes:




Prices are including PayPal fees.

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‘Dear Muriel, I can’t thank you enough for your fabulous yoga classes. Pregnancy yoga and then Mum and Baby yoga gave me an hour completely for myself (Rory allowing!) – something I find harder to do nowadays! I’m looking forward to coming to your other classes soon… lots of love, Anna (& Rory) xxx’
Anna and baby Rory