Judie and I have now been working with Muriel for about 18 months. Neither of us had practiced any yoga before and she was recommended to us by a friend. Our starting point was a joint desire to improve flexibility.

What we particularly like is Muriel’s approach, which is to take each of us at our own pace and to use exercises that address our individual needs.  It’s a very personal approach which works well for us. We both now see yoga in a much more holistic way, improving strength and balance as well as flexibility.

We have both found working with Muriel to be a very positive experience.

Judie and David Clifford

I have been fortunate to have been guided in my yoga journey by Muriel. She is not only a fantastic yoga teacher but an absolutely amazing person. Looking back I can see how she imperceptibly evolved my practice with constant encouragement and energy. Thanks to Muriel yoga has become an integral part of my life. She is able to seamlessly blend many different styles of yoga into a practice that is tailored to your specific needs and will change with you as your own personal practice changes. I can’t recommend Muriel highly enough. Irrespective of your level of experience or ability, yoga with Muriel is an inspiring, educational and life changing experience.

Nick Higginbotham, Kingston

I was very sceptical about the benefits of Yoga but Muriel was strongly recommended by a friend. From the first private lesson Muriel was truly inspirational. She quickly identified a personalised approach that really worked for me. She was supportive, positive and encouraging, while at the same time motivating. She tuned in very quickly to the speed I wanted to progress, while challenging me to improve as my capabilities developed. Muriel’s deep knowledge of Yoga and significant teaching experience enables her to immediately diagnose problems and come up with very effective personalised solutions to ensure continual improvement. After 18 months the benefits have been significant, impacting my flexibility, balance, muscle tone, breathing and general well being. I wish I had started sooner.

Tony Ilsley, Richmond

I found Muriel through Google and I couldn’t have spotted a better teacher. She is full of life and optimism, gentle and firm at the same time and has the ability to push me just a little beyond my comfort zone, which is very rewarding. The individual class setting suits me perfectly because we can spend some time on the details of the pauses and the reward from each particular stretch. Muriel also has all the right words to create the inspiration which makes me want to aim to be an apprentice-Yogi. I feel lucky I found her!

Leonor Claudel, Wimbledon Village

In my early sixties, I was first referred to Muriel because a slipped disk had restricted my movements and resulted in imbalance and knee trouble. As a result of our weekly sessions I am now without sciatica and greatly strengthened , in all parts of my body. I am a veritable Tarzan (only in my mind, says my wife). She, of course, is Jane (at least in her mind). Seriously, the weekly yoga and the stretching and bending that goes with it have really made a difference. But I am not yet swinging from tree to tree, so I continue to exercise weekly  with Muriel. I recommend her to anyone with similar problems. Good for the body and also the soul.

Richard Barker, Wimbledon

I have a history of back problems which were making everyday life & any strenuous exercise near impossible. In an attempt to strengthen my core stability I started attending a mix of Iyenga & Ashtanga yoga classes during lunch breaks at work earlier this year. I quickly realised that in a class environment where you’re new & not sure of what you’re doing it’s very difficult to know when you’re holding a pose correctly or perhaps performing poses that just aren’t suitable to your particular body. I decided that I wanted to learn and understand the correct method of practice from the outset so started 1 to 1 tuition with Muriel. I had already experienced a number of yoga teachers by this time but it immediately became apparent that Muriel was in a completely different league from anyone that I had met to that point. By working with Muriel I have gained a better understanding of & seen a definite improvement in the quality of my breathing, both during classes and in day to day activities such as walking and hiking. My posture has improved, as well as my understanding of my back problems. Muriel has taught me a number of personal adjustments to various poses that I need to make in order to accommodate my specific injuries. These have brought great relief to me, both in terms of physical pain management but also in being able to let go of feelings of inadequacy & frustration when not being able to achieve certain poses that appear to come so easily to others. Muriel is incredibly knowledgeable about a wide varieties of yoga disciplines & is therefore able to call on her extensive knowledge and experience to give you a personal approach that may span a mixture of yoga styles, rather than slavishly sticking to 1 method that may not be the best approach for you as an individual. I recently attended one of Muriel’s yoga retreats with a number of her other students. They were all lovely, kind and like-hearted people who collectively reflected Muriel’s personality. Muriel is perceptive, intuitive, kind and gentle but an incredibly good teacher who is firm when she needs to be & knows how to calmly facilitate your progress to the next level but is always sensitive to your situation on the day. She approaches her yoga teaching with love, both of the practice and of her students which is apparent in the results that they achieve under her tuition and guidance. I feel privileged and fortunate to be one of Muriel’s students and would say to anyone considering taking up yoga that starting 1 to 1 tuition is essential and would highly recommend Muriel to help them start their practice.

Gayle G., Kingston upon Thames