I hope and pray this email finds you and your loved ones still in good health and staying calm in view of the current worldwide crisis. As you know I’m in Berlin at the moment but had planned a trip back to the UK a while ago but recent developments prevented me from doing so. What strange, surreal, unsettling, unprecedented times we are in… I am now therefore contemplating to start online ZOOM classes soon or alternatively do YouTube videos or even both. The Zoom would be live and you’d be invited via a link to join on a Monday or Friday morning for example. The YouTube would not be live, but you could watch it via a link I provide you with, as often as you like. This way we could stay in contact during these very challenging times. I would love to hear from you with feedback, your preference in zoom or YouTube etc. I’m sending you so much love, health and blessings, Namaste, Muriel xx❤️