Dear friends

Just a reminder- I’m off to my hometown Berlin this weekend, as many of you know already.

Have a fantastic sun, joy, love filled Easter time. If you happen to have small children, grandchildren or friends children around you are blessed, I always found Easter so wonderful when my own kids were growing up, what fun doing Easter egg hunting in the garden or even in the house 🙂

The very first class back is Friday morning 26th April 10-11:30 at Kelly’s, followed by Monday morning 29th 10-11:30 at Kelly’s and Monday evening 18:45 pregnancy and 19:45 mixed ability, both at Bullen Hall.

Places are running out for yin yoga on Sunday 5th May at the Hillcroft centre in surbiton, 10:30-12:30. Drop me a quick line if you want to attend please.

Sending big hugs and loves


Muriel xx