❤️ Just a mini update in reference to my 2 previous emails and short YouTube video. Thank you again for your lovely feedback, before and after I posted ‘my very first’ YouTube video yesterday 🙂 Most of you have expressed preference for YouTube over Zoom live sessions. That is what I will start with now. I had a zoom session at the yoga studio I work at here in Berlin this morning and it’s not gone that smoothly, however we are working on it 🙂 Since we don’t need anymore stress, I think YouTube will be perfect for us for now, and you can watch it whenever it suits you and of course as often as you like. This demands a certain amount of discipline and commitment to yourself. I’m planning to offer 2 YouTube classes a week – one more dynamic Yang Flow Yoga class and a relaxing healing Yin Yoga class, each lasting about an hour with short pranayama and meditation at the end, but with different themes and emphasis each week. This way you can build up your own little MuMuYoga medicine library and practice with it when you need it. How it works is that I will send out a post about the next forthcoming video a couple of days in advance. Each video will be £15 energy exchange and they will be available to purchase anytime after as well (I will post info on my website). You can then email me and I will send you my bank details, so you can make your purchase online and I will provide you with the link after that. You do not have to register with YouTube as far as I know, but please, any info from you that could help us all here would be hugely appreciated. I am fiddeling my way into this without any outside help or in fact knowing much about it… please stay calm, sensible and healthy and remember THIS TOO WILL PASS. Sending you huge love and all my blessings, Muriel xx ❤️