Dear friends
Please find below a list of exceptional professionals, whose expertise I highly respect and recommend and who have helped me in my personal and professional life countless times.
Hormone Alchemist / Justine Evans – Justine is a fertility expert, hormone alchemist and founder of Creation Fertility. She offers a multi-dimensional approach to hormone health, integrating western nutritional science with traditional alchemy and yogic philosophy.
Massage Therapy / Natalie Futcher – Natalie is a holistic therapist, massaging bodies, feet and faces with the added amazing benefits of essential oils. Helping people with IBS, stiffness, insomnia and the list goes on; using the power of touch.
Alchemist of Wellbeing / Patricia Campbell-Parker – EFT (emotional freedom technique), Bach Flower Remedy, consultations, and workshops levels 1-3, Reflexology using advanced techniques incl. Pregnancy and keeping on top of everyday stresses. Dietary support especially in the area of Raw Juicing. Also offering this at regular retreats throughout the year.
Coaching and Therapy / Belinda Rydings – Belinda is an experienced personal and professional coach and therapist working in Teddington. She has a masters in Coaching Psychology and uses IFS Therapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to work with stuck patterns, attachment issues and trauma in the body. Contact her via her website at
Cranial Osteopathy / Nargis Ahmad – Nargis is a cranial osteopath in Teddington, who offers effective treatments to calm the body and the mind at every stage of your life. For almost 20 years, she has provided osteopathy for natural pain relief.
May you find this helpful and encouraging in your own life.
Sending so much love, Namaste,
Muriel xx