Dearest friends

I’m inviting you to please join me tomorrow morning for restorative Yin Yoga to help you heal your inner, energetic body, support your organs, glands, ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles and upgrade your chakra system.

We will hold floor based poses with deep focused breathing in a relaxed way for some time, some of these may be challenging for some (not for others) – always a sure sign that body mind and soul are in need of some attention.

You will feel super relaxed, graceful and strangely energised at the same time.

Let me know if you can join me.

Sending you hugs and love

Namaste, Muriel xx

Sunday morning 9:30-10:45

Yin Yoga –to help you to let go of all the Stress from the week, nurture, nourish, replenish, revitalise and rejuvenate all parts of your being to reset and recalibrate