Dear friends of yoga, I hope you are enjoying my first proper YouTube video, do let me know any feedback please, so I can try to improve quality etc. It’s all getting more intense and serious now, please keep your calm, meditate, breathe, exercise, take your vitamins, alkalise and hydrate AND don’t loose hope. All this won’t last forever and if you are amongst the lucky ones with a home and even a garden, this could be a time to really slow down, be present and not loose yourself in the fear of what might happen. We can never be sure of what’s to come, neither can we control anything or hold on to it. That’s an illusion. But what we do have is the here and now. Feel gratitude for your health and try to accept your current situation as it’s giving you the opportunity to do things differently, truly slow down and reflect. I’m here for you if you want to contact me. I’m sending you an offering, a free link (see below) of a short sequence to get you going in the morning and/ or before your proper yoga session. I will be recording a long restorative healing Yin Yoga session for lung and heart health this week. Sending all my love, stay safe and well, Namaste, Om Shanti, Muriel xx