Hello dear friends of Yoga

I hope this finds you well and happy, enjoying the beautiful autumnal colours and mild weather.

It can certainly be a challenge to stay grounded, centred and heathy in these busy weeks leading up to Christmas.

I therefore invite you to join me for a deeply nourishing, restorative, relaxing yet invigorating Yin Yoga session on either of 2 Saturdays before the New Year.

Saturday 17th November 11:00-13:00 at Bullen Hall

Saturday 1st December 11:00-13:00 at Bullen Hall

Both Yin Yoga sessions are already semi filled so please let me know soonest if you’d like to come along and allow your body, mind and soul to be recharged, rebalanced and reenergised for 2 full hours, simply not doing all that much except being splayed out on the floor in pretzel like poses. Strangely these 2 hours go by in a flash…

Yin Yoga is suitable for pretty much everyone for many reasons, active or passive lifestyle, pre-pregnancy (enhancing fertility), pregnancy and post-pregnancy, peri/ menopause, sitting at a desk all day, sports enthusiasts and generally anybody who wants to feel better, more at ease and 2 feet taller by the end of the session.

Booking and pre-pay (£23) of essence please as these sessions get fully booked up. Please bring a mat to put on top of mine and a blanket, both for extra comfort and warmth.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙏🏼😘

Much love, Om Shanti

Muriel xx