My dearest friends

I am looking forward to seeing you for a deeply nurturing and relaxing practice tomorrow morning. Yin Yoga heals us on all levels of our being, keeps us flowing and flexible and has a tremendously strengthening effect on our immune system. It helps guard against and recover from dis-ease and illness balancing the meridians in the body and allows us at the same time to reflect on what is no longer needed in our life, let go and move on to a different experience of joy, freedom and vital health.

I hope you will be able to join me, sending so much love 💗

Namaste, Sat Nam, Muriel xx

Sunday morning 9:30-10:45

Yin Yoga –to help you to let go of all the Stress from the week, nurture, nourish, replenish, revitalise and rejuvenate all parts of your being to reset and recalibrate