“Effort and Surrender”

Magically with these two qualities in equal measure we seem to be able to connect to the quantum world.

The practice of yoga powerfully cultivates and deepens our intrinsic and innate ability to align ourselves with the universal flow and our life purpose or Dharma.

With the continuous practice of asana using bandhas, breath and alignment we are able become more and more aware of our subtle energies and the field around us allowing us to unify our mind, body, soul complex.

It is then that we can start to unravel, lift the veils of our inner confinement and expand into new territory in our human evolution of consciousness.

But above all that we are having fun, play and explore and don’t take things too seriously in the process.

We will be doing lots of heart and hip opening, twisting and forward bending to balance it all out.

Please let me know soonest if you are coming, the workshop needs to be pre-booked and pre-paid.

Love Light and Blessings

Om Shanti

Muriel xx