Dear beloved Yogis, I hope this finds you and your families safe and well. I would like us all to stay connected in these unsettling times and come together online as a community to help see us through all of this chaos and find comfort in our yoga practice. From tomorrow morning 9:30am, I will be running weekly ZOOM slow flow, strength building yoga classes, incorporating yin, breathing exercises and meditation suitable for all levels on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning 9:30-10:45am. All you need to do is download Zoom onto your iPad, computer, laptop or smartphone, it is a free platform. Please do this well ahead of your scheduled class, as it may take a bit of time to set up and get familiar with, after that it’s easy. You then click the below link to register for your chosen class IN GOOD TIME. I will then confirm this class with another link. Please join the meeting 10-15min before the start of class, as you might need to change settings etc, so that you are ready at 9:30 sharp. It is just like a normal class, where you would arrive in good time to allow yourself to settle and meet your fellow yogis, which we will do here as well 🙂 Before joining, please allocate your quiet uninterrupted space, position your yoga mat and any props you may personally need, maybe light a candle and play music (make it special) and make sure your internet connection is working. Tomorrow’s class will be a FREE class for everyone, however from Monday, you may appreciate, I am asking for a contribution of £10 per class, as this is my only current income. I very much hope you, your friends and family will be joining me for these. Please email me if you have any questions or £10 is difficult for you to pay at moment and we can work something out. Here is the link Let’s do this and help us move through this and work on building together a better cleaner, slower, more loving future and NEW EARTH. I’m sending you all my love, stay well and blessed and I hope you can join me in my home tomorrow or in the coming days. Namaste, Muriel xx❤️