Thanks Muriel for your chakra dancing workshop. I love your yoga classes but was a little nervous about attending chakra dancing, because I am naturally a self-conscious dancer.  I needn’t have worried –  chakra dancing is a great way to relax. I loved your guidance, felt at ease and was able to free-flow throughout.  The music was perfect and the meditation too!  I will be coming regularly!

Justine Evans

Just wanted to say what a fabulous, enjoyable and energising evening I had chakra dancing! I appreciated your professionalism whilst grounded in deep spiritual commitment! I’ve been yearning for something like this for a very long time and will definitely will be attending your next events and encouraging others to join me!


I really enjoyed your Chakra dancing session – it was a lovely, warm group to engage with. I liked the linking of the different styles of music and colours to the chakras.


I attended my first chakra balancing class with Muriel yesterday. Upon meeting her she was so warm, kind and welcoming that I immediately felt very at ease and relaxed. Before we started we were invited to pick an oracle card if we so wished.

The session was incredibly energising – Muriel gave very clear instructions and suggestions enabling us the freedom to just be ourselves whilst explaining the varying movement qualities for each chakra and what they represent. The music choices were excellent! They really made me want to dance! We ended the session with a beautiful meditation. I was so energised and joyful afterwards. It made a huge difference to me physically, emotionally and mentally – I felt a lot sharper, vibrant and more connected to my inner self. I will definitely make these classes a regular event each month – it’s such a beautiful way of balancing the chakras. Really lovely class.

Raquel Ashton

This was my first chakra dancing class. After overcoming a hurdle of self-consciousness, with your gentle and experienced help, it turned into a most joyful, liberating, energising experience. I had forgotten what it is like to freely express myself! To let the body flow, feel the rhythm, express emotions and respond to music in a deep and meaningful way. Your teaching helped enormously. And I loved the meditation at the end. Thank you for this initiation. I’ll be back!


I thought it was a wonderful energising and invigorating experience. I’ve read that chakra dancing is “meditation to music” and I would definitely agree! Look forward to the next one!


Muriel’s Chakra Dancing was such a fun way to let off some steam and re-ground and re-charge. It is a rare opportunity to find a class where you can be so freely expressive in such a warm, friendly environment.

Mia M.

Dear Muriel, it was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. It was just so amazing to dance to the vibe of my own chakras, it was so liberating to just let the body flow …. and to create a beautiful connection with only dancing moves and bliss with my lovely daughter and everybody else around the room, thank you, you were amazing and i am looking forward to the next one.

Monica B.

It was wonderful that you were teaching me about the special art of letting go; (whatever happens to you). It made me feel special and happy about myself. You are a very exciting and fun Chakra Dancing teacher😙. I was delighted I came because if I wouldn’t have come then I wouldn’t have known about how lovely it is to be special. Hopefully I’ll see next month on the 23rd of July.

Luna B. - aged 9

It was primarily a healing experience for me, I really felt a shift energetically, turning inward and having insights into what my body needs (the answer was relaxation!). Also stomping out and letting off steam/refocusing to help me manifest what I want. It was creative and fun! I liked the way you danced with us and provided suggestions, I think everyone felt supported, even if a new thing for them.


Now I’ve found it, I’ll be back…in a good way. It was really good class, like reiki on acid! Or was that just me, an old pensioner!

Susan Margaret

Thank you so much Muriel for a beautiful afternoon of dancing. I feel awesome. I really needed to just dance and let go of all tension held in my body.


This afternoon I tried Chakra Dancing.

It was the most uplifting experience! I normally worry what people think and thought I would look silly but once the music started and i closed my eyes the moves just flowed and i felt at peace with myself not having a care in the world! Just what I needed.