Yoga Workshop Saturday 3rd May 11-2pm

"Effort and Surrender" Magically with these two qualities in equal measure we seem to be able to connect to the quantum world. The practice of yoga powerfully cultivates and deepens our intrinsic and innate ability to align ourselves with the universal flow and our life purpose or Dharma. With the continuous practice of asana using [...]

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Kichari Recipe

Balances all 3 doshas. Helps detoxification and is very easy to digest. 1/3 cup yellow or green mung dal; 2/3 cup white basmati rice or quinoa; 1tsp. ghee or oil; 1/4 tsp. each mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ground cumin, ground coriander, turmeric; 1 pinch hing (asofoetida); 1 inch fresh ginger root, chopped; 3 cups water [...]

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Ghee is butter, which is cooked until clarified so that all the milk solids and water are removed. ● Ghee increases Agni without increasing Pitta ● Ghee nourishes Ojas, the immune system and brings luster to the body ● Ghee contains beneficial essential fatty acids and can reduce blood cholesterol ● Ghee does not contain [...]

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