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Kichari Recipe

Balances all 3 doshas. Helps detoxification and is very easy to digest. 1/3 cup yellow or green mung dal; 2/3 cup white basmati rice or quinoa; 1tsp. ghee or oil; 1/4 tsp. each mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ground cumin, ground coriander, turmeric; 1 pinch hing (asofoetida); 1 inch fresh ginger root, chopped; 3 cups water [...]

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Ghee is butter, which is cooked until clarified so that all the milk solids and water are removed. ● Ghee increases Agni without increasing Pitta ● Ghee nourishes Ojas, the immune system and brings luster to the body ● Ghee contains beneficial essential fatty acids and can reduce blood cholesterol ● Ghee does not contain [...]

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