www.mumuyoga.comMeditation generally involves discounting wandering thoughts and fantasies, and calming and focusing the mind (Mindfulness). Meditation does not necessarily require effort and can be experienced as “just happening”. Physical postures include sitting cross-legged or on a chair, standing, lying down and walking. Quietness is often desirable but some people use repetitive activities such as deep breathing, humming or chanting to help induce a meditative state.

Meditation can be done with the eyes closed or with the eyes open: focusing the eyes on a certain point of an object or image, and keeping the eyes constantly looking at that point.

The purpose of meditation varies. It may serve simply as a means of relaxation from a busy daily routine, or help to gain insight into the nature of reality or even connect one with source energy. Many have found improved concentration, enhanced physical well-being, heightened awareness, self-discipline, equanimity and a deeper sense and meaning of ‘all there is’ through meditation.

I teach private Meditation classes for busy minds and people with anxiety, sleep problems and help clients cope with health issues and aid recovery after illness.