www.mumuyoga.comYin Yoga is a slow paced, deeply nourishing and relaxing yoga practice with Taoist roots. Floor postures are being held passively for a while (1-5 min), surrendering weight and tension to the earth, in order to positively affect connective tissue or fascia in the body, which does not respond to brief, rhythmical stretches the way muscles do, particularly in the hips, thighs and lower spine.

Muriel was one of the first Yin Yoga practitioners and Teachers in the UK, having trained with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley – the pioneers of Yin Yoga.

This slow paced ‘mindfulness practice’ is suitable for all ages and levels and has the ability to dramatically improve flexibility and mobility while increasing overall perfect health.

Yin Yoga is the perfect antidote to a busy life style, stress, low immunity, joint problems and general health issues and has the ability to dramatically calm and balance the nervous system, parasympathetic and sympathetic (Yin & Yang). It also is a great compliment to other, more active types of sports, like running or cycling and is a regular must for any dedicated serious yoga practitioner of more Yang oriented styles like Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga.

Yin Yoga induces deep physical and mental relaxation and release, while emphasising stillness and awareness. Life-force (chi or prana) is being encouraged to flow evenly and healthily throughout the energy channels (nadis or meridians), nourishing all the tissues, organs, joints and bones of the body while removing stiffness and creating overall fluidity and balance. Practised regularly, Yin Yoga can relieve pain, correct postural imbalances, slow down the aging process, induce mental clarity and bring joy and equanimity. Yin Yoga is also suitable and beneficial during and after pregnancy and enhances fertility.

Yin Yoga aims to create joint space, focusing on healthy joints by moistening, lubricating and nourishing them with long holding and deep breathing, while Yang Yoga is more concerned with muscle tone and strength.

Both styles complement each other and are necessary to create overall balanced health in a holistic way.

I tend to mix Yang, the more active styles of yoga with a bit of Yin Yoga in most classes.

“Dear Muriel, I wanted to let you know that I had a real ‘aha’ moment during the last Yin yoga session and it really lifted some negative energy that I’ve been holding on to for well over a year. Your session helped me to connect with challenging feelings and through exploration gave me insight into why I was holding on to these feelings. I recognised that I was keeping myself in a victim position by holding on to these feelings. When this aha moment happened I knew I didn’t want to feel like a victim anymore and since the session I have chosen self compassion and acceptance of what happened. I feel so much lighter now and still!!! So I wanted to say thank you for your wisdom and knowledge, and for creating the conditions that enabled me to fully connect with myself.” Helen B. 

“It is not muscular strength that gives us the feeling of lightness and ease in the body, it is the flexibility of the joints.”

Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga Master and Anatomist