www.mumuyoga.comMudras are an ancient system of precise gestures that can develop energy circuits within the body to be used in healing and promoting higher states of consciousness. They are intended to link the individual pranic force with the universal cosmic force.The Sanskrit word ‘Mudra’ means seal.

In yoga these sacred hand positions ‘seal’ the energy flow in the body.

Mudras are simple but important psycho-neural finger locks which make meditation asanas more powerful. The palms and fingers of the hands have many nerve root endings which constantly emit energy.

It is believed that there is a chakra in the centre of the palm which omits an electro-magnetic ray. The hand is like a miniature universe representing a complete cosmological system. In both the Buddhist and Yogic systems the right hand represents the SUN and the left hand the MOON. The sun represents intelligence and the moon meditation.

In both hands the fingers represent the five elements.

Finger Element
Thumb Sun
Index Air or Wind
Middle Sky or Space
Ring Earth
Small Water


Mudras help us to control the 5 elements in our bodies as they create energy waves which help to balance the 5 elements. They can cure many diseases, physical, mental and/or spiritual.


Most widely used mudras:

Anjali Mudra (Prayer Hands)

By pressing the palms firmly together we connect with the 2 hemispheres of the brain to bring balance. Neutralizes the positive(male) and positive (female) side of the body.


Chin or Jnana Mudra

Place the tip of the thumb on the tip of the index finger while the other fingers remain relaxed and extended. Do this with both hands and place them on the thigh in a relaxed position. When the fingers point upwards it is called Chin Mudra and when they point downwards it is called Jnana Mudra.

When the finger touches the thumb a circuit is produced which allows the energy that would normally dissipate into the environment to travel back into the body and up to the brain. When the fingers and hands are placed on the knees, the knees are sensitized, creating another pranic circuit that maintains and redirects prana within the body. I addition, placing the hands on the knees stimulates a nadi which runs from the knees, up the inside of the thighs and into the perineum. This nadi is known as ‘gupta’ or the hidden nadi. Sensitizing this channel helps stimulate the energies at mooladhara chakra. When the palms face upward in chin mudra, the chest area is opened up. The practitioner may experience this as a sense of lightness and receptivity which is absent in the practice jnana mudra.

It affects the whole muscular system. It removes stress and mental distractions and strengthens nerves of the brain. It brings relief to people suffering from mental tensions,headaches, addictions, indecisiveness, anger, fear, anxiety, depression,  and insomnia. It increases the brain’s thinking power and memory. It is very effective for physical, mental and spiritual development. Used for the chanting of the OM and the GAYATRI mantra. Practice for 15 minutes before bed for insomnia.


Prana Mudra (Energy mudra)

Joining tips of ring and little finger to the tip of the thumb.

The Prana Mudra activates the root chakra and increases vitality. This can be done up to half an hour a day or three times a day for fifteen minutes.